Oya Nisa Hadala – Roshan Fernando – Official Full HD Video


  1. very nice song

    nishanthi fernando, 2 years ago Reply

    • nice song

      sma rahman, 1 year ago Reply

  2. yes roshan…best song..

    nuwan kothalawala, 2 years ago Reply

  3. very nice…

    rashmi praba, 2 years ago Reply

    • rashmi mamath oyata aderei petiyo

      nilanka, 2 years ago Reply

  4. Oya kaloth niyama ekak thama Roshan aiye

    Eranda, 2 years ago Reply

  5. Shhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa marama lassana song eka ethtamai..

    Dulanaga Dilshan, 2 years ago Reply

  6. kellanam maru gahanna

    nilanka, 2 years ago Reply

  7. very nice song

    nadeeshani, 2 years ago Reply

  8. gathi aiya song eka nam.

    tharusha, 2 years ago Reply

  9. best sng.i lyk this

    ruchi, 2 years ago Reply

  10. Very nice song sooooooooo nice

    Anjula Ishantha, 2 years ago Reply

  11. Excellent

    Kosala, 2 years ago Reply

  12. niyama boot song eka aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    gayan, 2 years ago Reply

  13. godak lassana song ekak.

    jagath, 2 years ago Reply

  14. sinduwe video eka best.mama godak kamathi song ekak .

    jagath, 2 years ago Reply

  15. aiye song soooooooooooo nice.

    tharu, 2 years ago Reply

  16. niyamai song ekanam

    rohanas, 1 year ago Reply

  17. fantastic.oya karapu machchara janappriya, lassanama, hamoma asa,kiyala wadak nathi sinduwa.a nisa kiyannath na

    wathsara denuwan, 1 year ago Reply

  18. obviously it is a marvelous song……. aththatama lassanai

    Samitha, 1 year ago Reply

  19. my life is a song

    nalin indika, 1 year ago Reply

  20. godak lassanai

    rushani niwarthana, 1 year ago Reply

  21. very nice song

    nanditha malith, 1 year ago Reply

  22. niyamai………..song eka nam. mama hari kemathi

    SARATH KUMARA, 1 year ago Reply


    sameera, 1 year ago Reply

  24. this song is very nice one and ilike this one

    hansika niroshani ramya, 1 year ago Reply

  25. superb!!! my heartiest congratulations for ur success
    nice visual

    Tharu, 1 year ago Reply


    INSHAF MOHAMMED, 1 year ago Reply

  27. nice song

    Dilepa karunarthna, 1 year ago Reply

  28. I like that.this song is very secial song

    sasindu perera, 1 year ago Reply

  29. This website is greatN_X_D_S.

    UserName, 1 year ago Reply

  30. kellanag maru

    Arshath, 1 year ago Reply

  31. very nice

    dhanushka, 9 months ago Reply

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